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Membership Information

If you'd like to join by mail prior to the next meeting, please print out and complete the following form. Include a check payable to HAAUG and mail it to the address shown. First year dues are $45 and renewals are $40 per year thereafter. Memberships are available for full-time students at $20 per year, including the first year.

First year memberships are $45. Renewals are $40 per year. Student and associate memberships are also available for $25 per year. Your membership card will be mailed to you. You may pick up your starter kit at the next HAAUG meeting. | Join or Renew | Join Online

Membership Benefits

Monthly Meetings

This is where the excitement begins. On the third Saturday of each month, members of HAAUG meet for a day filled with activities, including presentations by major software and hardware vendors, special interest group (SIG) meetings, public domain software libraries, raffles and much, much more. Swap Meets are held twice each year, in January and July.

HAAUG Heaven

Our memeber forum provides each member with an internet e-mail address allowing exchange of world-wide electronic mail. Many discussion topics and many internet newsgroups make the answers to your questions as close as your keyboard.

Club Magazine

Club and industry news, meeting information and special member offers are published in our monthly newsletter - The Apple Barrel. The Barrel's content is also available to members on HAAUG Heaven in Adobe Acrobat format.

Mentor Program

The HAAUG Mentor Program puts people with hardware, software, system or network problems in contact with volunteers who can provide solutions. Contact with the mentors can be made through the HAAUG Hotline, HAAUG Heaven, e-mail or at the monthly meetings.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

People with common interests, including Macintosh and OS X basics, Newton, internet, games, educational computing, databases, publishing, graphics, desktop video, programming and more gather for in-depth discussion, product demonstrations, tutorials and general knowledge sharing.

SIGs meet each month at the main Saturday meeting while a few also meet at other times during the month. A complete list of SIG topics is mailed to members in the Apple Barrel each month. A current list, along with a schedule for the upcoming meeting, is available on the SIG page here on our website.

HAAUG Hotline

Call the HAAUG Hotline at 832-305-5999 for the latest meeting information, to leave voice mail for officers.

Lots of Fun & Friendships

HAAUG is a not-for-profit volunteer group founded in 1978, three years before there was an IBM PC. Approximately 700 members enjoy the benefits of HAAUG. We range from beginners to experts, but we all know the secret to making our computers more valuable - a HAAUG membership.

Any problems you might run into, no matter how seemingly difficult, has likely been solved by another member. Members also have a lot of fun and make lots of friends while learning, sharing and growing.

Volunteering with HAAUG

Get the most of your HAAUG Membership by volunteering.
HAAUG is an organization run entirely by volunteers, from the President on down. Much work is done by elected members such as the Officers and Directors. Often even more visible work is done by members who have been appointed to positions. And other folks just help out where they can. The more of us that are working for the organization, the more HAAUG can offer.

There are Board positions open and waiting to be filled.

Volunteering Opportunities

During the monthly meetings, assistance is usually needed in these areas:

  • Membership Desk - greet new and potential members, answer questions about the club, take applications, help people get where they're going, etc.
  • Setting up before the meetings - computing is an equipment-intensive sport.
  • Presenters, SIG Leaders, PD Librarians, and those who keep and store HAAUG property have to haul the equipment to and from their vehicles every month. Help is always appreciated with this, setting up, and tearing down. If you can, be at the meeting place before 10:00 AM on Saturday and look for folks toting boxes and looking busy.

If you can help in one of these areas, if you see a need within HAAUG that you'd like to help fill, or if you are helping now and want to add to what you do, remember that there are often other jobs that can be done by members with the right talent.

Please e-mail the Volunteer Coordinator. | Email


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