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What is a SIG?

"The Life Force of Computer Clubs"

SIGs are what computer clubs are all about. Don't see a SIG you'd like on our agenda? Ask! If there's enough interest, maybe someone will get one started. Know a little more than most about a particular area? Start a SIG! If there's member interest we'll try to find a spot on the schedule, assign a room, and give it a little publicity in the Apple Barrel and on HAAUG Heaven.
SIGs are where it happens, the place to be. Make the most of them. Be a leader or a follower as you choose, but don't miss out.

SIGs typically run for an hour each throughout the meeting day, starting at 9:00 AM, and ending at 2:00 PM, creating a one-day-a-month computer college campus. For more information, contact Rick Roberts – SIG Coordinator.

General Meeting SIG Schedule

The monthly SIG schedule are available as print outs at the registration/check-in table at the General Meetings.

SIG Topics

(Not all SIGs offered at each General Meeting)

Digital Photography

Bring your cameras, bring your photos and we'll discuss what makes a great


You, your iPod. Covers iTunes and iPhoto. Other topics, like HandBrake are fair game. We can branch into general AV topics.

New Member Orientation

Getting the most from your membership. How HAAUG works to serve you.

Mac One on One

Members helping members, one at a time.

Business Meeting

The business meeting will be conducted before the Main Presentation.
Room assignments and SIG topics are subject to change at any time. SIG leaders are volunteers, be nice to them.

Ad hoc: Groups are welcome to use the casual spaces to meet on other topics. Scheduled SIGs take precedence. The HAAUG SIG Coordinator is Rick Roberts. If you have a topic that you think warrants a SIG, please see Rick (large, bearded fellow) at the meeting. | Send Email


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Members Helping Members

Got a Mac or an iOS device (iPod, iPhone or iPad)? Get expert support and helpful resources by being part of a local community for Mac and iOS device users. Get the most from your Mac and iOS devices with access to our network of benefits. Since 1978, the Houston Area Apple Users Group (HAAUG) has been the main user resource in the Houston area for Apple Computers, and now iOS devices!

Join the Houston Apple Area Users Group today + see what HAAUG can do for you!

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